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Westminster roofer continuing a commitment to providing affordable quality repairs, replacements and new installs for all types of roofs on our homes, barns, sheds, work or hobby buildings, and garages. We serve Chesterfield community and surrounding areas of Cities 

and more. We are licensed, bonded and insured in the state of VA. Upon request, clients will be provided with current statements of insurance policy coverage.

Common Reasons for Premature Residential Roof Failures 

            Improperly installed flashing, such as vent pipes, sky lights, and chimneys all require flashing to seal and protect the roof from leaks. Many times, some roofers hurry over these installs leaving them vulnerable to premature failure. To ensure this is not one of Chesterfield Roofing failings, all Roof flashings are double checked by a supervisor on each job.

​           Critters! Squirrels, birds, bats, and wasps can cause an enormous amount of damage to your roof. We pay attention to the way these pests access the roof, such as overhanging trees, vent failures, and holes in the fascia board. All of these access points will be repaired and steps taken to prevent reccurrence. 

​            Ventilation of the Attic is an important part of the roof's system that contributes to its long life. Vents to gather cooler air from the outside environment are placed at the base of the roof (the soffits or eaves) and at the top of the roof (the ridge) vents are placed to release the hot humid air. This takes place naturally because hot air rises. Quite often homeowners and even some insulation service companies will cover up the soffit or eave vents in a bid to increase attic insulation and so reduce energy loss not realizing this hampers the venting capacities of the roofing system leading to a mold or mildew problem that will rot the roof over time.

           Lastly, lack of maintenance, such as removing blown or drop on debris or clogged gutters will lead to rotting roofing materials.

​            You can get your roof evaluated for free, no commitments at your convenience to check out these common premature roof failures by just contacting us at 555 55 5555. You have nothing to lose and could even prevent a near future failure with minor roof maintenance.

Adding a Garage, Barn, Shed, or

Thinking of adding a garage, barn, shed or hobby building? we'll gladly come to your property and discuss your plans, wishes and wishes for a further space to harbor animals, cars, or hobby equipment. WestminsterRoofing can guide you thru the whole process, and supply budget saving proposals along side additional estimates of any upgrades you're considering.

​Other Roofing Troubles

Do you have to have the other roofing troubles that need creative solutions, we've the experience to think beyond common practices. Don’t hesitate to offer a call 555 55 5555 and challenge us to seek out a singular solution to your roof problem. Request a, free no strings attached, written roof assessment detailing health of roof and estimate of repairs needed.

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​Traveling Roofers

          Be wary of those men in trucks travelling through neighborhoods drumming up maintenance jobs because you may end up with a roof repair or replacement on your home, barn, shed, hobby building or garage that installers trying to blow through an installation, as fast as they can, machine-gun their way across the roof with pneumatic roofing nailers. When this happens, the likelihood for overdriving nails, missing nails and driving nails crooked increases leaving you with a roof that is very subpar and doomed to leak. Job quality is very important to roof performance. When you get a roofing bid way lower than the others, you can bet they are taking short cuts. Details do matter on roof repair or installation. Quality installations are just as crucial, if not more so, as the quality of the roofing material to the life expectancy of the roofing system.

Selling Your Home

             At some point, most homes go up for sale. It would be best, for resale value, to have the roof style and color complement the home and its surroundings rather than become an ugly distraction. REALTOR Mag claims New Roofing has the greatest remodeling value- 105% cost recovery at sale. We offer help to wade through the huge amount of options concerning shingle styles and color choices by consultation with a designer skilled in architectural style. The designer will help narrow your choices of roof options to those that will be visually stunning.

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